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Wheelchair Lifting Platform SF 1100

SF 1100 lifting platform

The SF 1100 lifting platform is a follow up development of SF 600 portable lift.
The platform is capable of carrying a wheelchair user and his assistant over the height differences of up to 1100 mm.
There are two versions of the SF 1100 platform – SF 1100A and SF 1100B.
 The lifting capacity of the SF 1100A platform is 220 kg.  Upon client’s request the lifting capacity of the platform can be increased up to 300kg (SF 1100B type of platform).

The standard platform (both versions) features access and drive-off at opposite ends of the lifting platform. The drive-off however can be introduced ether on right or left hand side, depending on application.

SF 1100 can be moved by two people (or even by one person) and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
The platform can be used where wheelchair ramp is too long or steep, and where an ordinary lift is impractical, impossible or too expensive.

The design of the platform addresses all the relevant requirements of the Australian Standard AS 1735.14-1998 and Access Code for Buildings (Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010.
The platform is for wheelchair users only.


Main Parameters

Load Capacity  
SF 1100A
SF 1100B
- 220 kg Maximum.
- 300 kg Maximum.
SF 1100A
SF 1100B
-240 V AC, 2 Amp/ 24 V DC, 20 Amp
-240 V AC, 3 Amp/ 24 V DC, 30 Amp



Lift Width overall  - 1251 mm
Platform Working Width - 1101 mm
Platform Working Length -1400 mm
Platform length with ramp up - 1575 mm
Platform length with ramp down - 2016 mm
Lift Range - 115 mm to 1100 mm
Minimum Door Width Required - 850 mm
Weight and Materials  
Weight  - 115 kg
Outside - Aluminium
  Inside - Galvanized Steel

Click here to view SF 1100A Lifting Platform in operation

The driving machine is a screw actuator, 24V DC.
The main actuator is of worm gear type. In case of power failure it will stop at the spot the power interruption occurred.
The unit is operated using a hand held control. There are only two buttons to manipulate, so no prior knowledge is required.

 To raise the lifting platform from its lowest level:
1. When lifting platform is at its lowest level, and the access ramp has been lowered to that level, the wheelchair user can drive into/up onto the lifting platform without hindrance.
2. Pressing UP button on the hand held controller raises the access ramp; this then function as a guard against rolling off. The button is activated for as long as it is pressed down.3. When the access ramp has been raised to its highest level and the UP button is still being pressed, this will raise the platform.
4. When the lifting platform is levelled with the lending, the platform stops automatically and the user can drive onto the landing.

 To lower the lifting platform from its highest level.
1. The wheelchair user drives onto the lifting platform.
2. Activate the hand control by pressing DOWN button to lower the lifting platform. The button is active for as long as it is pressed down.
3. When the lifting platform is at its lowest level, and the DOWN button is still being pressed, this will lower the access ramp, and the user can drive off the lifting platform.

Warranty (brief):
ME&QC warrants that its lifting equipment is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. ME&QC warrants that the lifting equipment itself will perform substantially in accordance with the specifications and the design intent of the lift.
The expressed warranties are made for a period of 365 days from the date the lifting equipment is delivered to you as the first user.
During that period ME&QC will replace any lifting equipment, which proves defective in materials or workmanship, without additional charge, on exchange basis.

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